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Getting Organized

Divorce is an incredibly overwhelming and confusing time.  Your emotions are all over the place, and you’re doing your best to make good decisions while trying to figure out how all this legal stuff works and who you should even talk to about it. I can help. Wherever you are in the process, I can work with you to find clarity, to make decisions in alignment with your values, and to move forward in your life with confidence.


Co-parenting Strategies

Even in the most amicable of divorces there are a lot of questions about how to handle this new parenting role. We want our kids to be okay. We want them to thrive, and so much of that depends on our own choices. I’m here to help you with the strategies, knowledge, and resources you need as you create a new family structure that is healthy and in the best interest of your children.

co-parenting strategies
Pre-mediation prep

Pre-mediation Preparation

Mediation is quickly becoming the preferred method for resolving divorce conflicts by helping couples to create their own customized separation agreements.  It’s a lot quicker and less expensive than litigation as well. I can help you enter the process with open eyes, knowledge, and confidence in your own abilities to reach a favorable settlement.